Edit Neighbor List Size

Edit the size of your prayer list

If you want to adopt more or fewer houses, you will need to edit your Neighborhood List Size.

  • To edit your Neighbor List Size, log into your account and be sure that you are viewing the Light role that you would like to adjust. For more information on roles
    click here.

  • Click the 'SETTINGS' tab at the top-right corner of the page

  • Click the box under 'Neighbor List' and 'Size' and select the number of houses you would like to adopt. You can change the amount of household featured on your prayer list anywhere from 1 to 250. If you select a larger number than your current, houses will be added to your list. If you choose a smaller number, houses will be removed from your list.

  • Now scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'SAVE CHANGES' for these changes to take effect.

  • After clicking the 'SAVE CHANGES' button, you will be presented with a page asking if you would like to add or remove households based on whether you increased or decreased your prayer list size. You must click 'ADD' or 'REMOVE' for your prayer list to be updated. If you are adding or subtracting a lot, the list may be long and you will need to scroll down to find the button. 

If you leave the page without choosing to 'ADD', 'REMOVE', or 'CANCEL', this confirmation page will continue to appear every time the 'SAVE CHANGES' button is pressed on your SETTINGS page.

NOTE: The number selected using this feature only affects automatically added homes. If you have manually added our edited homes on your prayer list, those homes will remain on the list regardless of your selected list size. Because of this, it is possible for your dashboard to show that you have adopted more homes than your currently selected list size.

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