Will My Neighbors Know I'm Praying for Them?

Will my neighbors know I'm praying for them?

No notice is generated by joining BlessEveryHome.com or when you click Pray, Care, Share, or Disciple on your neighbors. 
There are only two ways they will know:
  • You talk with them and ask if they have specific prayer needs or share that you are praying for them. This service was designed to help you not just pray for your neighbors, but also to reach out and get to know them in person. The knowledge that you are personally praying for them can be a huge blessing in their life, so we encourage building personal relationships with them. 
  • A neighbor near you decides to sign up as a LIGHT and you have chosen to show that you are a LIGHT to others in your neighborhood.
To show that you are a LIGHT to other LIGHTS in your neighborhood:
  • Log in to your account and make sure you are viewing your Light Dashboard.
  • Click the 'SETTINGS' icon in the top-right corner of the page.

  • Check the box that says 'yes' under the 'Show as a Light' heading. This will show other lights in your neighborhood that are also using the service that you are a light as well. 
NOTE: If you choose to show yourself as a Light, your name and address will be shown on other Light's dashboards who live within your census block group.

  • Then click the 'SAVE CHANGES' button at the bottom of the page to apply this change to your account.

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