Edit or Change Email Address

Change email address

To edit or change your account's email address follow the instructions below.
Note: Changing the email address will change where you receive your daily emails as well as your login credentials.
  1. Begin by navigating to your Account page. If your account only has one role, you can click 'My account' as seen in the screenshot below to be taken to that page.

  1. If your account has multiple roles, the button may appear differently and you will need to select 'account settings' after clicking it. Either way, you may find it easier to simply click the following link instead: https://app.blesseveryhome.com/person/
  • This page lists your current Roles as well as several account settings. Under 'Account Settings' enter the email address you would like to use.

  • Confirm that the email address that you entered was typed correctly and then click the 'Save changes' button at the bottom of the page.

  • Clicking 'Save changes' after entering your new email address will send an email to the new email address. You must click the 'CONFIRM EMAIL CHANGE' button in this email for the change to take effect. 

The next time you sign in, you will need to use the new email address. Your password will still be the same unless otherwise changed.

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