Troubleshooting problems with receiving emails

Troubleshooting problems with receiving emails

There are many different things that can affect the receiving of emails. Here are several things you can do if you are not receiving emails correctly. These can be broken into two categories: You have never received an email from us, and you stopped receiving emails from us. Scroll down to the appropriate heading for troubleshooting tips.


You have never received an email from

Your email address was typed incorrectly
  • If you are just signing up and you have never received an email from us it is possible that you mistyped your email address when creating your account. The best way to check this is to try to create your account again. If it allows you to create a new account with that email, then you most likely either typed your email address incorrectly or didn't finish all of the signup steps. If the email was typed correctly the first time, the signup page will tell you that that email address is already in use. You will know that is the case if you get the following error message:

Your emails are being filtered by your email service
  • It is possible that your email's spam settings are too strict. You should check any junk, spam, or promotional folders that your email service has and if you do find the emails, see if you can change the settings to allow the emails. For instructions on how to adjust these settings in some of the most popular email services, please check this page.
  • Another possibility regarding filtering is that your ISP is blocking our sending IP address. You can ask them to unblock ''. Also, our sending address is ''. In most cases, we find that private email services with custom domains tend to have more trouble with the filtering whereas common email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. do not have as many issues with our emails being filtered. If you have a custom domain address, please check with your IT service.

You stopped receiving emails from

Enable email sending
  • The very first thing you should check if you have access your account is if you have email sending enabled. Visit this help article to see instructions on how to toggle this setting. This setting overrides other email settings 
Check which days you have set to receive emails
  • The second thing to check is that you have days selected to receive reminder emails in your Light role settings. Please visit this help article to view the steps to view or update these settings. If you don't have any days selected, you won't receive these emails. 
If neither of these settings helps you fix your email problem, check the 'Your emails are being filtered by your email service' heading above and try those steps.

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