Manage the types of email you receive from

Manage the types of email you receive from

When you create your account, you will automatically be enrolled in receiving emails from us. We understand that you may not want to receive these emails or may want to change which types of emails you receive from us. Or, you may have unsubscribed from emails in the past and would like to start receiving them again. Use the instructions in this article to manage your account's email settings.

  • After signing into your account on our website, click 'MY ACCOUNT' in the top-right corner of the page.

  • Scroll down under your email address and click the 'Email settings' label to expand that section. You can click any part of that label including the arrow on the right side.

  1. Once expanded, you will be able to use the toggles to select which type of emails you would and would not like to receive. If the toggle is green, you have that category enabled.

  1. Here is a general explanation of what to expect when each of these categories is enabled:
    1. Updates about Bless Every Home and your account: Emails in this category will likely feature news about Bless Every Home, highlights of new features, or changes that we are making that may affect you.
    2. Other ministry opportunities: Emails in this category will include messages that we would like to share with you about or from our ministry partners. These may be regional ministries that you may be interested in.
    3. Prayer reminders: This category is exclusively for the daily prayer reminder emails that include your homes to pray for each day.
  1. If you make any changes to your email settings, you must click the 'SAVE CHANGES' button for that change to take effect. 

  1. If you are a church or association administrator and have one or more of those roles as part of your account, you will have two additional categories to toggle:
    1. Notices about your account's church and association roles: Emails in this category will be in regards to the services to which your organization is currently subscribed. An example of this would be if your church was subscribed to the New Movers service, but you did not want to receive the notification email each week, you could disable them by toggling off this category.
    2. Other services available to your church or association: Emails in this category will be in regards to the services to which your organization is not currently subscribed. These could contain announcements of new features, services, or promotions.
Note: If you click the 'Unsubscribe' link in any of the emails you receive, you will have the opportunity to quickly toggle off all emails of that category.

Note: Even if you have the 'Prayer Reminder' category toggled on, you must also have at least 1 day selected in order to receive that type of email.

Note: The current categories were implemented in 2021. Prior to that, all email settings were grouped into a single toggle. If you had toggled off email sending prior to that change, whether manually or by clicking an 'Unsubscribe' link, all of the new categories will be off by default.

Note: These toggles do not in any way affect our sending of important account-related emails such as password resets or account confirmations.

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