How to opt-in to being shown to other users of

How to opt-in to being shown to other users of is designed to encourage you to get to know your neighbors. We give you the best tools and information we can so that you can work together with other Lights in your community to make sure every home has been adopted and is being prayed for, cared for, shared with, and discipled. 

That being said, we absolutely respect your privacy and want you to have to tools to control who see your information. 

By default, your first name, last name, and address will not be shown to other Lights in your neighborhood in the 'My Neighborhood' section of their dashboard.  You can find more information about this feature by reading THIS help article.

Use the following instructions to opt-in to this feature.

  • Log into your account.
  • Click the 'SETTINGS' icon while viewing the role of which you would like to adjust this setting.

  • Locate the option labeled 'Neighborhood Connection'.
  • check the box next to 'show up as a Light'.
  • You must click the 'SAVE CHANGES' button for this change to take effect.

NOTE: In the past, all users were opted-in to this feature by default. Due to privacy concerns, we have since changed this so that all new users will be opted-out by default when creating their account and all existing users were retroactively opted-out. If you would like to again take part in sharing with Lights in your local area, you will need to follow the instructions above to re-activate this feature.

The other way that other users can see your information is if you are affiliated with a church or association in your Light role's settings.

If you are affiliated, church or association administrators will have access to view your name, email address, dashboard, map, and list as well as the current status level of each household in your prayer list. These administrators do not have access to the settings of your overall account (changing account email, name, password, or email sending status), settings for your light role (days to receive emails, neighborhood list size, neighborhood borders, church and association affiliation, and other settings), other roles in your account that are not affiliated, and the contents of any notes that you have saved to a neighbor's home. Additionally, these administrators will not be able to edit the names of any households on your list nor add new households manually.

To see or edit your current affiliations, follow these steps:

  • Log into your account,
  • Click the 'SETTINGS' icon while viewing the role that you would like check.

  • If 'Your Church' box only contains a search box, you are not yet connected with your church. Start typing the name of your church in the search box until you see your church listed in the suggestions. When you see your church listed, click the name in the suggestions list. If you do not see your church in the suggestions, it sometimes helps to list the name of the church followed by the city and state. Example: First Baptist Church, Anywhere, AL. You can also click the magnifying glass in the search box to see a larger list of suggestions based on the text that you have entered.
  • If there is already a church listed under the 'Your Church' label, you are connected and are sharing some of your information with that church.
  • To unaffiliate with a church, click the 'CHANGE CHURCH' button underneath the current church name and address.  This should cause the search box to appear which indicates that you are not connected to a church.

  • To change your affiliation with an association, scroll through the 'Movements and Associations' section and check or uncheck any boxes to toggle your affiliation with that organization.
  • When you are done, you must click the 'SAVE CHANGES' button for these changes to take effect.

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