Customize Neighborhood Borders

Customize your prayer list's borders

You can adjust your prayer list's borders to customize exactly which homes you are adopting.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click the 'SETTINGS' icon in the top right corner of the page while viewing the role that you want to change.

Now select 'EDIT ON MAP'

  • On the map, select the white dots to adjust your neighborhood borders by dragging and dropping to desired placement. The yellow area represents the area from which your neighborhood list will be built. Use this tool to select the specific houses you want to adopt. A small back arrow will appear after moving an icon. Clicking this arrow will undo the most recent move. 
  • Once you have customized your neighborhood borders click 'SAVE'.

NOTE: If your current prayer list size is higher than the amount of homes contained inside of your selected borders, homes from outside of the borders will be included (geographically closest first) up to your selected list size. Alternatively, if your list size is smaller, not all homes in your borders will be included. Instead, the homes that are geographically closest within your borders will be included first. For instructions on how to adjust your prayer list size, CLICK HERE.

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